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I want to photograph the world, and I'm working on just that.

Being a destination wedding photographer for 10 years, I have been blessed to have traveled to many beautiful places across the globe. I've taken many photos on my travels, and after much anticipation and many requests -- decided to put this blog together.

I'm here to share my travel secrets with those who crave it as much as I do. Follow me on my journeys, learn how to travel on a budget, and get tips to obtaining any trip you desire.


Having a destination wedding? Or looking for a honeymoon or vacation photographer? I’d love to chat with you!

Throughout this website you will find an exclusive attribute: I rank each location I talk about with a Photoworthy Spot Rating number 1-5.

5 being the best photo location and a “do not miss” in my book, whereas a 1 being something I would recommend skipping.

This site combines my professional destination photography career -- with a travel blog!
Why? In order to help my photo-loving readers plan their shots before they travel. This is one thing I always research before each of my trips, and I wanted to share this with my fellow travelers after I return from each trip.

My rating is based solely upon my opinion -- but factors such as crowds, wait times, accessibility and overall getting that “bucket list shot” are taken into consideration.