I want to photograph the world, and I’m working on just that.
Travels of Skloss

There are a million travel blogs out there, I realize that. The reason I decided to start my own was because of two simple reasons:
1. I haven’t seen many, if any, travel blogs that are ran by professional destination wedding photographers, and…
2. In 2015, I posted my first ever travel blog on how to visit Bora Bora and Moorea on a budget. Since then, I have had over 11 couples from all over the world successfully book the exact same trip as we did, going off my advice and how-to’s.

That’s when the light bulb went off in my head. I realized I loved helping people I’ve never met make their dream trips become reality. Because when I started traveling, that’s exactly where I started – at the bottom having only gone as far as California (from Texas) when I turned 30 years old. Being a farmer’s daughter from a town of less than 100 people, I wanted nothing more than to see what this world had to offer, and I wasn’t going to accept being broke as an excuse to not do it. I had that goal and dream, but didn’t know where to start.

For those of you who have followed my travels -- and for anyone who is just starting to read my blog – my personal style of travel is luxury on a budget. Most everything you see on this website is going to be of that nature and how I accomplish it. Granted, I love roughing it camping, and do that all the time – But when people ask me for advice, they always want to know how to have the finer things on a smaller budget. I also am drawn to locations that are colorful, tropical and colorful -- having amazing architecture and are photoworthy. It’s just habit of nature to me.

This will be the first blog made by a professional photographer that incorporates a dedicated rating system on how “photoworthy” a location is [to me personally]. You can find out more on that here. I wanted a cool and easy way to inform readers on how photoworthy a specific place was so they could make their own decision’s off my advice and tips on that location (for example, the Trevi Fountain in Rome).

Being a full-time destination wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting weddings in many crazy, beautiful cities, countries, and continents all over the world. While most of my travels have been work-related, it’s also taught me how to travel for leisure smoother, cheaper and how to work the airline and hotel systems.

I’m putting all of my travel experience, tips and how-to’s into this website for all to read as a one-stop-shop. I have been traveling extensively since 2010, and all that knowledge I have learned I will share throughout this blog.

Please keep in mind this blog is a constant work in progress. I am always adding to it, and updating it as I learn more, in hopes of paying that forward to others.

I hope my research and tips help lead you to making your own memories and travel goals come to life. If they do, please write me a note…I’d love to hear!





I want to photograph the world, and I’m working on just that.