As of today, July 9, American Airlines has resumed its daily flight from Miami to St. Lucia since COVID. A highly anticipated date by many tourists!

I have spent weeks planning this trip with cancellations, delays, and government restrictions changing – and I can finally say that I am happily typing this from flight AA 2295 in route to St. Lucia!

American Airlines strictly did ask to see a negative PCR Covid test result upon check in and boarding for each passenger. For those traveling to St Lucia soon, make sure to print out your results and carry with you, as you WILL need them.

American Airlines has done an outstanding job with the passengers today. No mask, no fly. Also banned from AA indefinitely if not masked. Providing lots of hand sanitizer, waters and snacks.

Many tourists have been highly anticipating this island re-opening, along with others including Bahamas, Antigua and Virgin Islands. The Caribbean is a hotstpot for the clearest blue waters, and some will be able to see that again soon.

I plan to update on how arrival into St. Lucia customs was with the Covid testing in place, and how smooth it goes. Stay tuned!

July 9 is the first day American Airlines flies to St Lucia since COVID.

Image credit: Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort


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