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HOTELS July 14, 2020 Sugar Beach St Lucia – the COVID Safe Haven Four months of a pandemic will make anyone stir crazy, seeking a change of scenery away from their daily grind where they can safely isolate. After a month of research, I found the perfect, safe plac... MEXICO | CARIBBEAN July 9, 2020 American Airlines first flight back to St Lucia since COVID July 9 As of today, July 9, American Airlines has resumed its daily flight from Miami to St. Lucia since COVID. A highly anticipated date by many tourists! I have spent weeks planning this trip with canc... HOTELS January 23, 2020 All-Inclusive vs NON All-Inclusive : Which is best for YOU? I will preface this post with the fact that I personally do not prefer all-inclusive resorts for my leisure travel. But I will keep an unbiased view on both, with giving the facts that I have learned... TRAVEL TIPS January 23, 2020 TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor. And MORE TripAdvisor. Planning for a big trip is always taxing, as there are so many moving parts to piece together to make the perfect itinerary. But the main thing I use to do ALL my research is TripAdvisor. TripAdvi... TRAVEL TIPS January 23, 2020 How to Choose a Destination Wedding Photographer Planning a destination wedding is already hard enough. So when it comes to selecting your vendors, how do you decide who to bring with you? How do you pick who is the right fit for your most cherishe... MEXICO | CARIBBEAN September 17, 2019 Virgin Islands: The BEST water closest to the US If you read my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed a similarity in my travels – BLUE WATER. To many, this will come as no surprise, because I am obsessed with that crystal, turquoise-toned goodness. I... TRAVEL TIPS July 10, 2019 Tips for Being Honeymoon Ready As you prepare to jet-set with your love, check out these helpful tips on how to be ready for the trip of your lifetime. 1. If you plan to leave the day after your wedding, give your wedding dress... MEXICO | CARIBBEAN March 24, 2019 Destination Wedding Review at Rockhouse Hotel IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT HAVING YOUR WEDDING AT ROCKHOUSE HOTEL IN NEGRIL, LOOK NO FURTHER. BELOW, YOU CAN READ MY EXPERIENCE OF HAVING OUR WEDDING THERE, AND ALSO SEE PHOTOS FROM IT. I'll start off... TRAVEL TIPS March 11, 2019 15 Etiquette Tips for Flying Traveling can be stressful enough on it’s own. Airports can be annoying and crowded. Here’s a humorous guide to help you (and everyone else around you) love you more when you are headed to paradise. ... TRAVEL TIPS February 14, 2019 The Infamous ‘It Must Be Nice’ Comment… Let’s face it. If you travel, 9 chances out of 10 you’ve heard this line from a friend, relative or colleague. But WHY. That is the million dollar question, and what I would love to touch on with thi...