Planning for a big trip is always taxing, as there are so many moving parts to piece together to make the perfect itinerary. But the main thing I use to do ALL my research is TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is the world’s most reliable source of travel information that is readily available to anyone who knows how to use Google. Each time I travel, I use TripAdvisor to do all my research, as it has never faulted me and always delivered the most trusted results.

So what makes it different than other travel review websites? 

  • It’s the world’s most reliable and universal travel review platform.
  • I have found it to be the most truthful and dependable travel website.
  • You can find ANY info about ANY business, city, hotel, tour company, airline, etc with a simple search.
  • The reviews on TripAdvisor mainly come from reliable reviewers who actually travel a lot. So, educated and unbiased reviews. 
  • It’s subscription free, and easily viewable by anyone.
  • It’s easy to use, hassle free, and pretty much ad-free without pop-ups.
  • Easiest way to search for a Top 10 list in any category you wish. For example “Top 10 Hotels on the Amalfi Coast”.
  • You can search by an amazing grouping of filters, for example: Prices low to high, relevance, star rating, etc.
  • You can private message within the website.
  • TripAdvisor kind of acts as a mini travel agent – you can basically piece together a whole trip itinerary just by doing a ton of reading on TripAdvisor. It may take days and weeks, but hey, at least you put the best tool on Earth to use!

Things I readily use TripAdvisor for:

  • Selecting my hotels, no matter the star rating or budget. Especially when I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to one hotel
  • Choosing with restaurants to eat at, and knowing if they require reservations
  • Tours, and selecting a company
  • Crowd estimation – When I’m scouting for photography, I can always find out when the best time to go is by reading reviews on their site
  • Finding secret ‘off the beaten path’ areas to visit, away from tourists
  • Figuring out if an establishment has since closed, or changed names
  • BUDGETING for an entire trip